Underwriting and sponsorship opportunities are currently open to businesses and individual sponsors. Donors provide support by covering the costs of equipment and materials crucial to the production. Their gifts enrich the community by ensuring that the arts are alive and accessible to Bay City and Matagorda County residents of all ages.

Are you interested in sponsoring or underwriting a production with C.A.S.T.? We have big dreams and look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about our goals and our organization’s needs. Send us an email.

Sponsors for the 2015-2016 Season include:

John Lovelady

Bill and Mary Dykes

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knox

Cast Supporter
David and D.C. Dunham
Nancy Godsey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sliva
STP Nuclear Operating Company
Mr. and Mrs. John Vance

Mr. and Mrs.Jim Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bourn
Joseph and Claire Constantini
Bill and Connie Cornman
Lucan and Lisa Doffin
Craig and Julie Estlinbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Hicks
David and Debbie Kacko
Karen Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knapik
Pat and Janet Matthes
Nary McCaleb
Judge Nate and Sharyl McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. John McNalley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Reis
Tim and Judi Thompson
William and Patricia Yeager